A few of my favorite things: Steinunn Harðardóttir

Steinunn Harðardóttir, better known as the musician dj. flugvél og geimskip, invited our photographer over to her colorful home in the west side of Reykjavik. Here she shares her ten favorite things with our readers. 

1. The Bar

This is artwork by Helgi Thorsson who lived here before us, he made it himself out of a barrel and a lamp that he put together and varnished. We call the closet Goddur because it’s kind of like him; he’s fabulous and he knows it.

2. Wall cabinet

This cabinet also came with the apartment. Gulla, who used to live here, got it at a flea market somewhere and told me it was handmade, which is obvious. Someone made this cabinet and was really happy with it. There are lots of secret compartments in it that come to a good use… v(*v*)v

3. Self-playing guitar

Here you can see some of Steinunn's favorite things: The dancing bear, the crab hat, the self-playing guitar, a magic 8 ball and the pomeranian fish

Here you can see some of Steinunn's favorite things: The dancing bear, the crab hat, the self-playing guitar, a magic 8 ball and the pomeranian fish

This is an awesome guitar, it can keep the party going for hours. We brought it to Norðanpönk festival and it was played for 72 hours straight. I can’t stand people who bring acoustic guitars when camping so I always bring this one because it makes electric sounds.

4. Dancing bear

He dances, he sings and he gets everyone in the mood at any time. He sings some 90's hit, a very sexy song: "I don’t want you for the weekend, I just want you for the night". I gave it to my friend Gulla for her birthday but I’ve used it so much myself that it has run out of battery.

5. Disco light

The disco light explains itself, it shines and makes everything pretty. We often keep it on in the living room during the weekends and it wasn’t until very recently that we noticed that the light reflects on the opposite building, it illuminates everything with different colors and you can see it all over the street.

6. Crab hat

This is a hat that was given to me by a fan at a concert when I was playing in Norway, he’d made it himself! I think that’s very nice.

7. Synthesizer

When I first started playing, everyone kept asking if I used a synthesizer to make my music. I barely knew what it was back then but I remember thinking that I had to get my own synthesizer. I found this one, it was a good deal cheaper than most, I had to put it together myself. I’m really happy with it. It’s transparent and glows in the dark, sounds like a big keyboard even though it’s small and it has a special filter that makes all kinds of eastern sounds, weird zither sounds and eastern scales.

8. Magic 8 ball

My sister gave this ball to me for Christmas when we were little. I’ve used it to make all the big decisions in my life.

9. The Pomeranian fish

For my album release concert I asked everyone to bring handicraft fishes and sea creatures. Someone brought me this one and explained to me that it was a Pomeranian fish. A Pomeranian dog is my favorite animal, so I’ve loved the fish ever since and I always keep it with me at the studio.

10. 3D glasses

When you put these 3D glasses on, all light changes so that lots of multicolored little lights appear around each light. They make all lights kind of look like fireworks, which is great.


Photos:  Ásta Karen Ólafs.

Translation: Þorgerður Anna Gunnarsdóttir