Stúdentablaðið Recommends


Icelandic rice pudding is a simple, classic dish which has for decades served as a comfort food on cold and dark evenings in Iceland. It consists of just two ingredients: milk and rice and thus, it doesn’t have a very exciting taste though the texture is rich and creamy. To spice it up a little, add some cinnamon, sugar and raisins, and serve with Icelandic slátur on the side. 



Black Sundays hosts screenings of cult/classic movies every Sunday at Bíó Paradís. The group was founded by the comedians Hugleikur Dagsson, Sigurjón Kjartansson and the poet/author Sjón. Their aim is to enrich the Icelandic movie culture and make it possible for people to enjoy a cinema-experience of a classic/cult movie, at least once a week. 


The American crime-drama, Fargo, is a must-watch for those who like quality TV. It has received numerous nominations and awards and it’s ratings on IMDB is 9.0. And quality set aside, when you start watching there is no turning back. We recommend that you binge-watch the first two seasons when the Christmas-vacation has started so it won’t interfere with your studies…


Christmas music isn’t for everyone. The best way to avoid it is of course to walk around with your headphones, listening to something else. But if you want to hold on to the holiday spirit without having to listen to the annoying christmas songs we recommend that you listen to J.S. Bach. The Brandenburg Concertos, in particular, are a splendid alternative to the usual christmas music. 


The Lodger by the Icelandic author Svava Jakobsdóttir was written in 1969. The book, which has become a classic, tells the story of an Icelandic household interrupted by a surprise visit from a person that intends to rent a room at the house. The narrative, is in its originality, full of mysteries and riddles, that even today, remain unsolved. The Lodger was translated in English in 2000 and published by the University of Iceland press in a collection among other stories by Svava.