New blood at Iceland Airwaves 2016

Through the years Icelandic Airwaves has served as a stepping stone towards fame and glory for many a band. Every year dozens of up and coming artist try to make it or break it and this year is no different. Stúdentablaðið searched and found the sounds that are sure to reign supreme after this years festival. Three bands who all have something fresh and unspoiled to offer, a new experience that will undoubtedly produce the music idols of the future. Some seriously sexy bands that no one should miss.

aYia.  Photo/Magnús Andersen

aYia. Photo/Magnús Andersen


aYia is a mysterious thing, a new force made of an anonymous trio destined for greatness. The coming of aYia marked the opening of a new dimension, an unfamiliar soundscape that takes the listener on a journey through infinite space and time. The few times aYia has performed live it has created a supernatural mood which spellbinds the audience into a hypnotic trance. aYia agreed to answer a few of our questions.

Why aYia?

“Because sometimes the mysteries have to be named”

What is aYia´s message?

“aYia want to let people know that everything is not what is seemes”

What is the creative process of aYia like?

“The oracle writes poetry and sings it to a melody that glows inside the eyes so everyone can see a bit better. The hood takes it apart and observes and observes and observes in a microscope and finally makes it dance to pavement. The other that glues people together connects them to an antenna and earth and water and darkness.”

Does aYia have a dream?

“It is all just a dream.”

Where is aYia heading?

“aYia is heading towards the fifth direction.”

What should your fans expect at Airwaves?

“Something suspicious.”

You can see aYia:

When: 4th of November, 20:00PM
Where: Harpa Silfurberg
and off-venue

CYBER.  Photo/Hrefna Björg Gylfadóttir

CYBER. Photo/Hrefna Björg Gylfadóttir


CYBER consists of the rap divas Jóhanna Rakel Jónasdóttir and Salka Valsdóttir along with DJ-Þura Stína and MC-Blær. This dynamic dream squad has stood out in the music scene this year and released their first album “Crap” in August. The release was followed by an ecstatic performance pulsating with energy and pure force which led to the entire audience becoming addicted within minutes. Stúdentablaðið got to ask these queens a few questions.

“CYBER was sort of born in 2011 at a drunken night involving Landi (the Icelandic equivalent of moonshine), Salka had a lipstick that was called Cyber and I thought it sounded like a band name so we decided to be that band. Also we were broke as fuck (hence the Landi) but still wanted to go to Airwaves. The idea was to throw together an EP and then get to play at the festival a month later, that didn´t really work. The EP and Airwaves didn´t come until 5 years late”

What is your typical creative process like?

“Jóhanna prefers to be in the studio and record long meaningless nonsense sessions, that´s wherever texts and flow come from. Blær and I on the other hand think it´s better to write the lyrics down and decide the flow in advance. Then we´ve often gotten beats from producers and composed something to those, but lately we´ve been working with the rhythm, lyrics and “vibe” with a producer that calles himself Marmari. But when I think about I guess there´s no typical way, we´re sort of follower of just doing whatever”

Are CYBER dangerous?

“Salka is such a crazy bitch she could probably kill someone if it got down to it. Then Þura Stína and I are ridiculously good at jujitsu so yeah we´re kind of dangerous broads”

CYBER fans can expect an explosion at Airwaves but the duo+2 promises “an insane concert, beautiful visuals, brawls, mozzarella sticks and an outrageous party.” They would also like to remind people not to forget their good humor and condoms “..fucking annoying to forget those things”

You can see CYBER:

When: 5th of November, 01:30AM
Where: Húrra
and off-venue

Hatari.  Photo/Hrefna Björg Gylfadóttir

Hatari. Photo/Hrefna Björg Gylfadóttir


Hatari consists of the deadly duo Klemens Nikulásson Hannigan and Matthías Tryggvi Haraldsson who are accompanied by an anonymous drummer who's masked performances send a slither down your spine. The trios unusual performance at LungA this summer piqued our editors curiosity, Hatari came like a bombshell out of the blue and created a ritual cocktail mixed with punk and electronic music. The audience was unwillingly compelled to dance to Hatari´s sermon of life´s futility. It was mind blowing.

The band is surrounded by great secrecy and it´s message and policy is relatively unknown although the music is at once political and emotive. The band members refused to give us an interview and sent the following response to our request:

“Unite dependents back to back and dance, dance or die”

“I first saw these men last fall and felt as if a new wave was about to crash over the Icelandic music scene – if not the whole of Icelandic culture” said Sólveig Matthildur Kristjánsdóttir, founder of Hið myrka man, when she was approached by Stúdentablaðið which was in hot pursuit of information on the mystic band.

“They were an immediate hit. I have seldomly seen Icelanders dance with such feeling before midnight on a Thursday” Sólveig says about Hatari´s first concert.

According to the Iceland Airwaves webpage the bands goal is to “reveal the ceaseless deceit we call common life”

“I stopped working for Domus Medica the day after I saw Hatari on stage. They completely transformed my view on the capitalist market. Why didn´t I sell myself for more?” said Karl Thorsten Stallborn, singer and guitarist, in an interview with Stúdentablaðið but according to him he has been closely monitoring the band from the beginning.

Other musicians haven´t spared their praises for the band. One example is DJ- flugvél og geimskip who is quoted on the musical webpage imx “I felt as if the world was coming to an end” she said as she described Hatari´s performance at Norðanpaunk.

When: 6th of November, 19:10PM
Where: Valshöll Upstairs
and off-venue

Kristlín Dís writes for Stúdentablað