The “Plant-Wall” of Stúdentakjallarinn

Buried deep inside the University, within the prestigious Stúdentakjallari, there grows a lively, plump wall of greenery. It livens up the dark existence of deflated University students (on days that a beer is not enough).  

The wall is perfect for students who can by no means attain green fingers, and kill any and every plant unlucky enough to enter through their doorstep.  Book laden student housing more often than not have to make due with dusty faux flowers, passed down from a passed on grandmother. The plants that adorn this wall are, on the other hand, very much alive.  

The design originated in the Netherlands, and it was Stúdentakjallarins designer, Rúna Kristinsdóttir, who conceived of installing it to brighten up and add warmth to the space.  

It might have been an interesting project to have students water and care for the plants together, but the wall is equipped with sophisticated hardware that provides everything the plants need. That only leaves one thing to the Students, to enjoy.

Fun facts:

  • The wall has a steady water supply, maintained by Blómaval. The water runs down the wall to water the plants in a systematic way
  • Timed lamps simulate daylight at night, and provide so-called “night light” during opening hours
  • All of the plants are alive, and most prominent is the fern, which is a good houseplant that requires little maintenance
  • Plants release stress, increase focus and are also a natural air conditioning


Text: Díana Sjöfn Jóhannsdóttir
hotos: Håkon Broder Lund
Translation: Tómas Ari Gíslason