Stúdentablaðið, the University of Iceland student paper, is a forum for students to present their lives and opinions to society. It is written and produced by students for those interested in student issues. Student issues are the paper’s guiding light. Although students live in the same cultural and political environment, people perceive it differently, and student views are as different as they are many.

The paper is obliged to portray these different views, whether they are considered conservative or radical left. The paper takes informed decisions and is critical, as is required of a paper published by students, who are often considered to represent the future and new ideas.

The Student Council at the University of Iceland is in the unique position of being able to publish a paper which is independent of all other media outlets, but which is still respected and taken seriously in society. Student issues are to be the center of attention and surely they will be for the next year with Ragnhildur Þrastardóttir paper’s editor for 2018-2019.


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